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Distribute Data to Reddit

See the sections below for an overview on our integration with Reddit and for information on distributing first-party data to Reddit.


You cannot distribute Data Marketplace data to Reddit through LiveRamp. To distribute third-party data to Reddit, contact your Reddit representative.


Distributing data with Connect involves activating a destination account for the destination you’re distributing to and then adding segments to distribution for that destination account. See the articles below for instructions:

Overview of the Reddit Integration

See the table below for an overview of LiveRamp's integration for Reddit:


The information listed below was current at the time of publication and represents our best understanding of the integration based on the information available at the time, including information given to us by the destination platform. Any sections not filled out are areas we did not have information on at the time of publication. Use this as a general guide, but check with the platform to confirm any areas that are critical to your use case.


For detailed information on the distribution options, see the additional sections below.






Identifiers that can be delivered

  • Cookies: No

  • Mobile device IDs: No

  • RampIDs: Yes

  • CTV IDs: No

  • CIDs/Platform IDs: No

Lookback window

Time to live

Precision levels allowed

  • Individual: Yes

  • Household: Yes

  • Neighborhood: Yes

For more information, see "Precision Levels".

Allowed input data types

  • Offline (PII): Yes

  • Online (cookies, MAIDs, etc.): Yes

Enabled for Record Sync


For more information, see "Keep Destination Data Fresh with Record Sync".

Accepts raw fields


For more information, see “Platforms that Do Not Accept Raw Fields”.

Duplicate segment names allowed


Account info needed

Reddit Advertiser ID

For more information, see the sections below.

Requires OAuth authorization


Additional data restrictions


For information on LiveRamp’s standard data restrictions, see “LiveRamp Data Restrictions” and “Data Marketplace Segment Review and Approval”.

Requires LiveRamp action to activate destination account


Data Marketplace

Accepts Data Marketplace data

  • Standard segments: No

  • Custom segments: No

  • Syndication: No

To distribute third-party data to Reddit, contact your Reddit representative.

Data Marketplace pricing used


Additional Data Marketplace limitations or guidelines

Additional Information

Can display matched reach in Connect


For more information, see “Destinations that Do Not Support Matched Reach Stats”.

Limit on the number of audiences per seat ID in the platform

Exposure logs available

LiveRamp Conversions API program available


Reddit Integration Options

When activating a Reddit destination account, the following integration options are available:


Data Type

Who It’s For

Integration Tile Name

Distributing first-party data to Reddit

First-party data

  • Advertisers

Reddit First-Party Data

Distribute First-Party Data to Reddit

To distribute first-party data to Reddit, follow our instructions on activating a destination account and select the Reddit First-Party Data integration tile.

When activating the destination account, the following fields are required:

  • Advertiser ID: Enter your Reddit Advertiser ID. If you need help finding your Advertiser ID, contact your Reddit representative.

  • Advertiser Name: Enter your company name.

  • Destination Account Name: Enter a unique and memorable name for this destination account, or accept the default suggested name. You can use any name you want as long as it is less than 150 characters.

Once you’ve activated the destination account, follow our instructions on distributing data to a destination.