Match Rates

LiveRamp enables accurate matching of records across our network of 500+ partners, empowering marketers to reach desired audiences at greater scale across channels and platforms.

Match rates are one method to measure the addressability and reach of an audience on a given destination platform.

Match rates are provided upon request, and as part of Match Reports that can be generated for each of your files.

A match rate is calculated as the percentage of total unique, identifiable records that we can match to one or more online devices (such as mobile device IDs or cookies) at a specified destination.

match rate diagram.jpg


We exclude any records that are not being delivered to any destination (because they are not assigned to a field or segment that is being distributed).


How many devices does LiveRamp usually match to each record? On average we can deterministically match 2.5 devices to each input record in a file. Unfortunately, we're not able to report this number on a per record basis.

Since match rates are based on input file and destination, they vary based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Input identifier type: Name and postal, email, phone, cookie, mobile device ID, etc.

  • Quality of data: accuracy and completeness of records

  • Matching methodology: deterministic or probabilistic matching

  • Precision level:individual, household, or neighborhood

  • ID persistency: IDs such as cookies are not persistent over time  and lead to match expiration (and cookies expire based on our partners' varying requirements, which is typically 30-90 days)

If you're looking to improve your match rates, consider the following options:

  • Provide as many identifier fields as possible in your input file (i.e., email address, phone number, and name & postal address fields). Using plaintext emails (instead of hashed emails) may also provide a boost in match rates.

  • Adopt an enhanced addressability program using email and authenticated site traffic linkages and/or offline data to maximize reach on RampID-enabled audiences.

  • For brands: Adopt Addressability Extension to maximize the effectiveness of your owned data to increase match rates and improve measurement. See "Addressability Extension" for more information.

  • For publishers: Adopt Addressability Extension and the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to deliver a higher find rate of audiences on your site in a privacy-first manner.

  • Use household or neighborhood precision levels to increase reach. See "Precision Levels" for more information.

To explore any of the following options, contact your LiveRamp representative.

Match rates vary based on factors, including (but not limited to) the identifiers you provide in your file, the match precision level you're using, and the level of online activity for users in your file.

With those caveats, here are a few ballpark match rate estimates for various types of files:

  • Files containing personal email addresses: 35–55%.

  • Files containing business email addresses: 20–35%.

  • Files containing name and postal addresses without email addresses: 25–35%.