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Typical Processing Times for Data Selling Operations

The table below provides the typical processing times for the various operations that must be performed the first time you initiate a data selling workflow to syndicate Data Marketplace segments to a destination platform.


  • All days refer to business days, which consist of Monday through Friday. All hours refer to business hours, which consist of Monday through Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PST. A business day consists of 11 business hours.

  • The times listed are what is typical for most customers. Depending on a number of variables, your actual times might be slightly shorter or longer.

  • If your operation does not require manual intervention, processing will continue during non-business hours and days (such as over weekends or holidays).

    If your operation does require manual intervention (such as uploading the first file to a new audience or uploading a file with a changed file format), that manual intervention will not occur during non-business hours. If you know that an operation will require manual intervention, we recommend that you plan accordingly.

  • For more information on the data selling workflow, see “Getting Started with Data Selling”.


How You Initiate

Typical Processing Time

Results of Operation


Audience creation

Create a support case.

1-3 days

The new audience is available in your LiveRamp account and configured for you to upload data.

We recommend you have us create the audience. You can create the audience yourself, but you’ll still have to create a support case to have us finalize the configuration.

File ingestion

Upload data to the appropriate location.

12-72 hours

Your data file has been ingested into your LiveRamp audience and segments are ready to be enabled in the Data Marketplace.

Ingestion takes longer if LiveRamp has to make adjustments due to the file format being changed from the initial file.

Data Marketplace segment review

Enable segments as Data Marketplace segments (usually via uploading a segment metadata file).

1-2 days

The segments are enabled as Data Marketplace segments in your account and are ready to be syndicated to platforms.

Make sure all segments adhere to LiveRamp's Data Marketplace data policy.

Data distribution

Use Connect to distribute data to the platform.

12-72 hours

The distributed data has been successfully delivered to the platform.

This is typically 12-24 hours, but might be longer due to the size of the distribution or any rate limits at the platform.

Delivery stats created


1-3 days

Stats for the distributed data have populated at the platform and the data is ready for activation.

Some platforms typically take longer.

Overall, and depending on your circumstances, the overall workflow completion time might be as short as 4 days or as long as 18 days.