Segment Metadata File (Data Marketplace)

To sell your Data Marketplace segments, LiveRamp needs some additional information on those segments (such as segment name, permitted use cases, and price), which you can provide via a segment metadata file (comma-separated value spreadsheet file) that you download via Connect, update, and then upload back to Connect.

Follow the instructions in the articles in this section.


The segment metadata file was previously referred to as a "Data Marketplace taxonomy file".


You can also use the segment metadata to specify any advertisers you want to block from accessing your segments in the Data Marketplace. However, blocking advertisers from accessing your segments in the Data Marketplace has no effect on the ability of those advertisers to access your segments in any other downstream platforms that you distribute your Data Marketplace segments to. See "Blocking Advertisers from Data Marketplace Segments" for more information.


If you only need to provide info on a small number of segments, you can update the info for each segment individually. However, only some types of information can be added individually (for example, you can't block an advertiser from accessing the segment in the Data Marketplace with this method). See "Enable an Individual Segment" for more information.


Editing Existing Data Marketplace Segment Information

The process to edit existing Data Marketplace segment information varies depending on whether the segments have been distributed outside of the LiveRamp Data Marketplace (either by you or by a data buyer). Segment information includes Data Marketplace segment names and prices that you’ve associated with the segment via a Data Marketplace taxonomy file or via the Connect UI.

To change segment metadata for segments that have been distributed, see "Edit Existing Data Marketplace Segment Information" for information on the methods available.