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View Distribution Status Details

Once you’ve distributed an audience, you can view details about the distribution status on the Audiences page.


For each destination that you've distributed to, you can only view status details on the most recent distribution.

  1. From the Audiences page, expand the data folders and select the audience you want to view distribution status details for. You can select multiple audiences, but you can only view details for one audience at a time.

  2. Click the eye icon S_LSH-View_Distribution_Status_Details-eye_icon_only.jpg that appears in the audience row.


    The DISTRIBUTION STATUS tab displays the distribution status history for the selected audience, including the user who distributed an audience, date and time, and the reach. If the distribution is set to Always-On, the user name is omitted for subsequent distributions.



If a distribution has failed, try to redistribute your audience to the failed destinations or create a case in the LiveRamp Community portal.