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The Destinations Page

A destination account at LiveRamp is a set of configurations that allow you to distribute data to a particular seat at a destination.

The Destinations page is where you manage the destination accounts that have been created in your account.


  • The Destinations page can only be viewed by users with the LSH Admin or LSH CP Admin persona.

  • To add destinations to your account or for help with configuration settings, create a Safe Haven case in the LiveRamp Community portal or contact your Customer Success Manager.

To access the Destinations page:

In the left navigation bar, click Destinations.


The destination accounts are listed in alphabetical order.

Actions You Can Perform on Destination Accounts

When you hover over a destination account tile, icons appear in the tile so that you can perform actions on the destination account:

You can expand each destination's card to see the following details:

  • Expiration Date

  • Number of Segments Distributed

  • Region

For destinations that require OAuth authorization, an AUTHORIZE button appears if the destination account has not been authorized.


You cannot grant or distribute data to a destination account that has not been authorized. Follow the instructions in "Authorize a Destination Account Using OAuth."

You can also click the gear icon to access a destination's configuration settings if needed.

Distribution Statuses

The Destinations Page includes status icons to view the following statuses for each destination:

  • Ready for Distribution

  • Active Distribution

  • Expired Destination - Distribution is off

  • Segment limit is close to being reached

  • Segment limit has been reached - Distribution is off