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Within Safe Haven, an audience is a grouping of segments that are distributed together or are used for modeling (or other uses). You can build audiences in Customer Profiles for Data Collaboration using the data in your active taxonomy and data that has been permissioned to you by a partner.


If any permissioned data used to build an audience is deleted by the permissioning partner, its permission is revoked, or the permission expires, the audience using that permissioned data becomes "invalid" and the following actions cannot be performed:

The audience remains invalid (unless the permissioned data are re-permissioned) and no size or reach counts are displayed.

If you want to continue to use that audience, you must edit the audience to remove the unavailable segments. If the audience has already been distributed, you must duplicate the audience and then edit the new audience to remove the unavailable segments.

See the articles in this section for instructions on various audience capabilities.