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Authorize LiveRamp to Access Your GCS Bucket

If you have data stored in a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket, you can upload that data to LiveRamp by authorizing LiveRamp to retrieve the data in that bucket for processing.


Is LiveRamp delivering data to you? This information only pertains to GCS buckets that LiveRamp retrieves data from. It does not apply to S3 buckets that you might have LiveRamp deliver files to. For more information about setting up file deliveries, see "Setting Up LiveRamp File Deliveries."

We'll retrieve all the files: Make sure to include only files that you want to be retrieved by LiveRamp in the GCS bucket.

You can perform most functions as with other SFTP connections, such as deleting files and creating or moving directories. Be sure not to delete the "/uploads" directory however.

Follow the instructions below to authorize LiveRamp to access your bucket (and any specific paths within the bucket), list the objects inside of it, and retrieve those objects.

  1. Grant “Storage Object Viewer” permission to LiveRamp:

    1. From the “Storage” section of the Google Cloud console menu, select “Storage” and then select “Browser”.

    2. Follow Google’s instructions for “Adding a member to a bucket-level policy” to add the service account “” as a bucket member with the “storage.objectViewer” role.

  2. Create a support case (see "Using the LiveRamp Community Portal" for instructions) and provide the information listed below:

  • The GCS bucket name

  • The file path (including any file pattern) you want us to retrieve files from

  • If needed, the earliest file date/time to retrieve (if you want us to only pull files modified after a particular date/time)


Next Steps

For offline (PII-based) data, if this is the first file you're uploading to this audience, create a support case so the support team can make sure everything ingests correctly. See 'Considerations When Uploading the First File to an Audience" for more information.

Within about 20 minutes after uploading, you can check the ingestion status of your uploaded files on the Files page, either by clicking the "GO TO FILES PAGE" link or by clicking Files in the Connect navigation menu. For more information on the ingestion process for Onboarding workflow files, see "Overview of the File Ingestion Process for Onboarding Workflow Files".

Once your data has been ingested (usually within 1-3 days), you can manage it in Connect and distribute it to your desired destinations.