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Automatically Delete Older Files

One option to manage the size of an audience (and to reduce costs if you're using the Records Under Management billing metric) is to have files deleted from the audience automatically once they reach a certain age. By automatically deleting older files, you can make sure that you have only fresh data in the segments in that audience and that the audience doesn't exceed our recommended limits (which can improve processing times).


  • You can also choose to manage an audience's size by deleting files manually (for more information, see "Delete a File from an Audience").

  • You might also hear this process referred to as applying an "import recency filter".

To enable the automatic deletion of older files in an audience, create a support case that includes the following information:

  • The name and ID of the audience you want the automatic file deletions to apply to

  • The number of days to be used for when files should be deleted (this can be (any value of 1 day or greater, but many customers implement either a 180 or 365 day window)

If you want to enable automatic file deletion for a new audience, you can include this information when you create a support case for the initial file upload. For more information, see "Considerations When Uploading the First File to an Audience".

For an existing audience, once this automatic file deletion is enabled, it might take a few days for the automatic deletions to take effect. Deleted files will appear on the Files page with an ingestion status of "Canceled".