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OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization.

Some of the destinations that LiveRamp integrates with (such as Pinterest and Snapchat) use OAuth authorization for security (see the "Destinations That Require Authorization Using OAuth" section below for a complete list). To distribute data to an OAuth destination, there must be a valid OAuth authorization from a user at your company with the appropriate permission level at that destination.

Because of this, you can only activate a destination account for an OAuth destination if you have the appropriate permission level to perform OAuth authorization at that destination. See "Activate a Destination Account for OAuth Destinations" for more information.

An OAuth "connection" in Connect allows you to create a destination-specific OAuth authorization connection that you can reuse for multiple destination accounts. See "Managing OAuth Connections" for more information.

Destinations That Require Authorization Using OAuth

Currently, the following destinations require authorization using OAuth before any data can be distributed to the destination account: