Upload a File via Your SFTP

If you have data stored in your SFTP server that you want LiveRamp to retrieve for processing, contact your LiveRamp representative and provide them with the information listed below:

  • Host name

  • Port

  • Username

  • Password

  • The path in your SFTP server where the files are stored, if applicable

  • Earliest file date/time (if needed to have us only pull files modified after a particular date/time)


If you’d like us to authenticate to your server using SSH keys instead of a password, add our public RSA key to your server and provide us with the username to connect with.

Note that this public key is different from the LiveRamp public key that is used for distribution to a customer’s SFTP. See “Set Up LiveRamp File Deliveries” for more information.

Make sure to include only files that you want to be retrieved by LiveRamp in the SFTP directory.