Upload a File via Connect

Files 500MB and smaller can be uploaded through Connect.


Files larger than 500MB must be uploaded via SFTP or be automatically retrieved from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) or GCS S3 bucket. See "Getting Your Data Into LiveRamp" for more information.

  1. Make sure that the file is formatted correctly and not password-protected.

  2. Hover over IN in the left navigation bar and then select "Upload" to access the File Upload screen.

    Connect Upload menu selection-voI.jpg


    The File Upload screen can also be accessed by clicking the "Upload a File" tile from the home screen.

  3. Select the audience the file should be uploaded to from the Audience drop-down menu (see "Determining the Audience to Upload Data To" for more information).

  4. Either drag the desired file into the upload area, or click Select File and then choose the file to upload.

  5. Click Upload.



    If the Upload button does not appear when using a Chrome browser, see the "Enabling the "Upload" Button in Connect" section of this article.

After processing (usually within 24 hours), the file can be viewed on the Files page (hover over MANAGE in the left navigation bar and then select "My Files"). For information on file status, see "Check the Status of an Uploaded File".

For Google Chrome browser users, perform the following steps if the Upload button does not appear when attempting to upload a file through Connect:

  1. Update to the latest version of Flash here.

  2. Close and reopen the Chrome browser.

  3. Enable Flash on liveramp.com:

    1. Load the address "chrome://settings/content/flash"

    2. Add "[*.]liveramp.com "to the "Allow" section