Enable an Individual Data Marketplace Segment

To sell your Data Marketplace segments, LiveRamp needs some additional information on those segments (such as segment name, permitted use cases, and price).

You can provide this information for a number of segments at one time via a Data Marketplace segment metadata file that you download via Connect, update, and then upload back to Connect.

However, if you only need to enable a small number of segments, you can update and enable each Data Marketplace segment individually.


Only some types of information can be added individually (for example, you can't block an advertiser from accessing the segment in the Data Marketplace with this method). For more control over the metadata for your Data Marketplace segments, use the segment metadata file.

After you've successfully enabled the segment and it has gone through our privacy review, the segment will be available in the Data Marketplace and can be distributed to a destination.


You can also use this method to edit the segment information for segments that you are only making available in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, but do not edit the price or other metadata for a segment that you are distributing to a destination platform. Changing the metadata (either via this method or via a taxonomy file) will not change the metadata (including the price) at the destination platform. If you want to make sure segment information is correct, upload the segment as a new segment and associate the appropriate metadata with the segment. See "Edit Existing Data Marketplace Segment Information" for complete instructions.

Steps to Enable an Individual Segment

To enable an individual Data Marketplace segment:

  1. Hover over DATA MARKETPLACE in the left navigation bar, and then click "Sell Data" to go to the Data Marketplace - My Segments page.

  2. Click the ellipses next to the desired segment.

    Data Store ellipses-bRs.jpg
  3. From the popup window that opens, edit the following:

    • Segment Name

    • Description

    • Seller Comments

    • Currency

    • Pricing

    • Permitted Use Cases

    Data Store edit segment popup-Uto.jpg


    For segment descriptions: Avoid special characters (aside from ">", which is allowed) and line breaks/carriage returns in segment descriptions.


    For segments being distributed to Facebook: Segment names cannot be longer than 108 characters after adding the number of characters in your data provider name.

    Keep segment descriptions to 245 characters or less.


    Wondering how to fill out the fields? See "Update a Segment Metadata File" for more information on filling out segment information.

  4. Click SAVE to save your edits.

  5. Check the check box for the edited segment and then click Enable on Data Marketplaceto submit it for LiveRamp Business and Privacy approval. Once the review is complete your segments will be live in the Data Marketplace and will be available for purchase or distribution to a destination.

    Data Store enable segment-fnY.jpg


Need to disable a segment? Once a segment has been enabled, you can disable it (to remove it from the Data Marketplace) by checking the check box and then clicking Disable.