Buy Segment Data from the Data Marketplace

Follow the instructions in the sections below to buy and distribute Data Marketplace segment data.


If you don't have access to the Data Marketplace tab in Connect, contact your LiveRamp representative or email


Data buyers cannot distribute Data Marketplace segments directly to Google. Find the desired Data Marketplace segments in Google and utilize them in the appropriate Google UI.


Certain platforms have unique restrictions on the data they accept. To avoid having segments removed late in the process, review those restrictions for some of the most popular destinations (such as Google (for data providers only) and Amazon).


Facebook Distributions: See "Distribute Data Marketplace Data to Facebook" for more info.

  1. Hover over DATA MARKETPLACE in the left navigation bar, and then select "Buy Data" to navigate to the Data Marketplace - Buy Segment Data page.

    Buy Data menu selection.jpg

    The Data Marketplace - Buy Segment Data Page

  2. Find the segments you want to buy:

    • Use the Search bar and the filters on the top of the page to narrow the list of segments

    • Choose which of the available columns you want to display

    • View more info and stats on individual segments


    Want data provider information? You can find out more about each data provider by going to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace storefront.


    What's the price? Segment distributions to social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) are billed at the percentage of media spend listed. All other distributions are billed at either the CPM or CPC listed, depending on the use case.

  3. Select the segments to buy by checking the check boxes next to the segment names.

  4. Click the Request Segments button (the shopping cart icon: Buy Data Store Data Request button icon.jpg) in the upper right corner of the screen.


    The Request Segments Button

An order confirmation popup appears. Click Set up distribution to go to the Your Destination Accounts page where you can distribute the segment data, or click Continue browsing to stay on the Buy Segment Data page.

Buy Data Store Data set up distribution popup.jpg


Your Data Marketplace segments appear only on the My Data page for each of your activated destination accounts. They do not appear on any of your Audience Segments pages (under the MANAGE menu in the left navigation bar) - those pages only display the segments that you have uploaded to that particular LiveRamp audience and any derived segments you have created in that audience.


The video refers to the Data Marketplace by its former name, "Data Store".


To start distributing Data Marketplace segments to a specific destination:

  1. Make sure you've activated a destination account for your desired destination.


    Which integration option? For destinations that have multiple integration options, make sure to choose the "Data Marketplace" option (rather than "Onboarding" or "First-Party Data").

  2. Navigate to the Your Destination Accounts page (either by clicking the link on the confirmation popup, or by hovering over OUT in the left navigation bar and selecting "My Destinations").

  3. Select the destination account where you want to send your purchased segments.

  4. Check the check boxes for the segments that you want to be delivered to the destination and then click Add to Distribution.


    To see only your purchased Data Marketplace segments, select "Data Marketplace" from the drop down menu.


See the articles in the "Platform-Specific Distribution Information" section of this documentation site for details on distributing to certain platforms.

Your distribution will be activated, and the data should arrive in 1-2 days, depending on the integration method with the destination platform.


The segments will be delivered with segment IDs corresponding to the LiveRamp segment IDs that you can find in the catalog download. These segment IDs must be included in the usage reporting you provide back to us.